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Urmul Setu

The Background  

In 1984 URMUL Rural Health Research and Development Trust (URMUL Trust) started as a social development initiative for the farmers of cooperative dairy (Urmul Dairy) Bikaner. URMUL for years has been emphasizing on the disadvantaged groups, especially women and children to ameliorate their desolation and advancing their rights. However, as the time passed by, the organization realized that the vulnerable population in this desert area needed more support, especially related to the Health, Education and Livelihood

In May 1988, Urmul Trust expanded its activities to the command area of the Indira Gandhi Canal area in Kolayat Block of Bikaner district so as to provide community based developmental services to the highly scattered desert population. In 1992, a decentralization process took place within the ‘URMUL Rural Health Research & Development Trust’ to give birth to Urmul Setu Sansthan. Since then, it has inherited the vision, mission, organizational structure, programmes, processes, culture and values of the Trust.

In present time Urmul Setu Sansthan is concentrated primarily in Lunkaransar block of Bikaner district and has extended its services in Churu and Ganganagar districts. The activities of Setu are focused on a number of activities – health & education, WASH, livelihood viz agriculture, artisanry, animal husbandry, child care and protection, disaster management, raising consciousness and linking the vulnerable to governmental schemes, advocacy etc.

Work Areas

Safety of Every Child

Limited employment opportunities, increasing substance abuse, rising foeticides and a backward society holding orthodox beliefs culminates into a vulnerable society for children and especially girl children. USS works to remove these barriers for the children to pursue dignified lives.

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

In a water scarce region, where education fails to strive, people are often unaware of health & sanitation, menstrual hygiene etc which leaves adverse effects on the population. Urmul Setu intervenes to raise consciousness, educate the mass and provide infrastructural support on WASH facilities for enabling a clean and hygienic society.

Emergency Response

The Thar Desert of Rajasthan faces a plethora of challenges, amidst these challenges the worst affected rapidly surges. While some thrive for a steady source of income, some are devoid of daily needs and health support.Urmul operates at the grassroot level to address these challenges and find immediate solutions for the marginalized people.


The dry and arid temperature, mobility barriers and limited income presents a plethora of challenges where survival is at the top of the priority ladder and education at the bottom. USS launches efforts to consolidate the education system and provide a package of resources for the children of today to lead dignified lives.


The Thar Desert provides several challenges like water scarcity, desertification issues and limited employment opportunities. USS has worked for more than two decades to circumvent these challenges and provide resources for income generation to the farmers, artisans in the region.

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