Journey towards self-reliance

Guddi Devi is a 45 years young woman residing in Dudewali village, Lunkaransar tehsil of Bikaner district with her husband Jagdish Ram and 5 children. Her husband has a private job and earns INR 5000 per month which barely suffices for the family needs. With an eagerness to learn, she took active participation in the Heifer supported programme.
In 2012 when Heifer supported the formation of SHGs in her village she took the initiative and formed a group with 20 members named –Khejri. The members deposit INR 100 per month as individual savings. Despite several responsibilities, she attended all the training of Heifer like SHG management, cornerstone training, animal management, training on gender issues etc. She admits that this has helped her a lot in managing SHG in a better way. Through the project intervention, she was provided with 2 goats. She has reared the goats and provided them with necessary nutrition which she learnt through the training programmes. The goats have recently given birth and moreover, they cater to the milk requirements of Guddi Devi’s family.
Guddi Devi has also grown vegetables like brinjal, cauliflower, tomato, chilli, bottle gourd, spinach, raddish, lady finger etc in her kitchen garden. Through this venture, she doesn’t have to buy vegetables from the market and save more than INR 5000 a month. Guddi Devi has supported the formation of POG with 13 members in her village. She is proactively engaged in supporting this group by helping members in organizing meetings, supporting in training and sharing her learning. She says the project has greatly helped in transforming her outlook through information received in training on health/hygiene, gender issues, managing SHG, animal care and also improving her household income.