Programme Background

The Childlineprogram is designed to provide a platform/support system so that they can seek help when they find themselves in emergency situation or distress. Organisation has been working in collaboration with child line foundation since 2011 to aware and sensitize people on the issues related to child rights and inform them about helpline support system which they can use to report incidents of child labour, child marriage, corporal punishment, sexual abuse, domestic violence, missing child etc with appropriate authorities for timely action and redressal. This is being done through organising awareness raising campaigns, rallies, meetings and a wide range advocacy with various stakeholders including children groups, parents, PRI, police, media and community members. Posters, pamphlets are being distributed and wall paintings done at public places containing helpline numbers which can be dialled to seek immediate help in case of emergency.



Block Lunkaransar and Chattargarh Dist. Bikaner.


a) Raising awareness of various stakeholders like community members, PRI, Community based groups, youth on child rights and child line help line through meetings.
b) Organising discussion sessions at community/common places in villages on protection issues and motivate people to come together to resolve those issues.
c) Visiting schools to aware children, teachers on child line through IEC materials and discussions.
d) Workshops for govt. officials to sensitize and aware them on child protection issue.
e) attend to the 1098 phone calls, register them and follow up the cases.


The member of communities are now aware of rights of children and child help line. Child protection committee have been formed at block and panchayat level and has become functional. Quarterly meetings are being held at Block level headquarters.
There are numerous instances when villagers and even children have made use of toll free help line telephone number 1098 to register their complaints and have been able to successfully stop occurrence of incidents of child marriages, child labour and corporal punishment.

When my daughter was abused no one in my village dared to come to my support. But, when I informed childline about the incident they immediately took action and supported us in getting the culprit behind the bars. I have no words to thank Child line. They helped me get justice.

Prem ( victim’s father)

My son went missing from my home town in Himachal Pradesh. After a weeks time I received information that my son has been found at Mahajan ( Rajasthan) railway station. Child line staff took good care of my son till I reached Bikaner to get back my son. Thanks to child line for keeping my child safe and reuniting my son with my family

Ajay Kumar