Girls empowerment through education and vocational training

Programme Background

Providing opportunity to village girls to continue their higher education ( RBSE)
The nationwide lockdown which was imposed post to the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in shutting down of all the activities including educational institutions. This greatly affected the ongoing education of school children. With all the schools remaining closed for months children had no idea what to study and how to prepare for their board examination, when the schools reopens. Although, govt. initiated online classes but it had limitations like internet connectivity, many students didn’t have smart phones and other technical issues. Moreover, since it was totally a new concept it was difficult for students especially in rural areas to adapt with new situation and continue their studies in desired manner.
However, soon after the unlocking process, Urmul Setu Sansthan and Rangsutra Foundation decided to organise village level educational camps especially for girls who are studying in govt. schools in 10th and 12th grade and will be appearing for their board examination this year in the month of April-May. Girl’s education camps are being organised in six villages in which 200 girls are enrolled and are being benefited. Trained and competent teachers have been hired who are teaching as per the RBSE ( Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education) curriculum and helping these girls prepare for their board examination by holding regular classes at village community center. The COVID-19 guidelines like maintaining social distancing, sanitization, wearing masks etc are being strictly followed by teachers and students. This initiative have given a hope and opportunity to girls to prepare for their board examinations in better manner.

Educational camps for drop out girls ( State Open Board)
There are hundreds of girls who due to various reasons dropped out of schools and could not continue their studies but had a desire to pursue higher education. To support such village girls, Urmul Setu Sansthan and Rangsutra Foundation came together and have started six village level educational camps thus enabling around 102 drop out girls enrol themselves and complete their 10th and 12th grade education. The project supported them in filling the forms for secondary and higher secondary examinations through Rajasthan State Open Board. Six competent teachers have been hired who are holding regular classes to prepare them for their board examinations to be held tentatively in the month of April-May 2021. The girls are enthusiastically attending their classes and hope to realize their dreams of completing their higher education this year.

Vocational trainings on handicraft and embroidery for adolescent girls and young women.
To empower village adolescent girls/young women and provide them with the opportunity to become financially independent, Urmul Setu Sansthan and Rangsutra Foundation is organising 12 village level vocational training camps to train them on making handicraft items and embroidery work. Expert resource persons have been engaged for this purpose. 125 adolescent girls/young women are attending the training camps and after successful completion of training they will be linked with village level shops which are already running and successfully managed by girls trained through past projects. The newly trained girls will be provided with raw materials to prepare handicraft items and embroidery work and in return will be paid on incentive basis by these shops. These trained girls will start earning approximately around Rs. 1500-3000/- per month by working from their homes.



Block Lunkaransar Dist. Bikaner


a) Teachers training (residential) on secondary level RBSE and State open Board curriculum contents and methodology.
b) Setting up & running village level secondary level girls education camp (RBSE Board Curriculum)
c) Setting up & running Village level secondary level girls education camp (State open Board Curriculum)
d) Village level Vocational training for adolescent girls on Handicraft items.
e) Village level ofline Workshop of adolescent girls on Preparing Handicraft items
f) Training of adolescent girls on Life Skills issues.


The newly trained girls will be provided with raw materials to prepare handicraft items and embroidery work and in return will be paid on incentive basis by these shops. These trained girls will start earning approximately around Rs. 1500-3000/- per month by working from their homes

Our schools did reopen after the lockdown was lifted, but the classes are not held regularly as few students attends the school. We are very happy that Urmul/Rangsutra decided to organise educational camps for us in our village. We attend the classes regularly and are preparing for our board examinations which are tentatively scheduled to be held in the month of May 2021. Myself and two of my classmates are preparing for our exams together. The camp teachers help us understand the topics and practice our lessons. We are trying our best and hope to clear our board examinations

Dropativillage Aadsar.

I always wanted to go to school but unfortunately could not attend my school after completing my 7th grade as I had to support my mother in household chores and take care of my siblings. My dream rekindled when I came to know about educational camps being organised in my village for girls like me. I asked for permission form my parents, and to my luck they agreed this time. Although, it’s a bit difficult since I was away from studies for long, but I am picking up fast and trying my best to complete the course. With little more hard work, I am confident and hope to pass my 10th board examination

Geeta, villageSabania.

One saw one of my friend who lives in another village doing embroidery work which she learnt through vocational training organised by Urmul/Rangsutra. I loved the pattern very much and expressed my desire to learn the art. My dream came true when Urmul/Rangsutra decided to hold the similar training in my village. I enrolled myself and learnt stitching and to do embroidery work on fabric. I also learnt how to make necklace, tussle, rakhi and bags which I think can help me earn by making and selling these products in future. I take this opportunity to thank Urmul/Rangsutra for organising such training in my village-.

Sita, Village Garabdesar