Improving the learning level of school children- Prajwala project

Programme Background

Few major attributes resulting in school dropouts are like reduced interest in studies owing to poor learning level, lack of special focus on weak students and conventional teaching methodology. To address this issue, Urmul Setu Sansthan is implementing a project called Prajwala in fourteen Govt. run KGBV ( Kasturba Gandhi BalikaVidyalaya) schools of four districts of Rajasthan with support from Bodh ShikshaSamiti to enhance the learning skills of students through remedial teaching methodology. 28 academic support fellows (trained and competent teachers) have been hired who are supporting slow learners to grasp the topics better by identifying their learning problems as per baseline survey conducted at the start of project and then improving their learning skills through remedial teaching methodology which includes making use of different teaching and learning materials like flashcards, charts, games, worksheets, paper models etc.



Dist. Bikaner, Churu, Sri Ganganagar and Hanumangarh.


a) Selection of ASF ( Academic support fellow).
b) Training of ASFs
c) Workshop for preparing Teaching and Learning materials.
d) Meetings of School management committee.
e) Sharing and review monthly meetings of ASFs.
f) Monitoring visits by Zonal coordinators to KGBV schools.
g) Joint visit with Govt. educational officials to KGBV schools
h) Remedial teaching by ASFs


The remedial teaching methodology adopted by 28 ASFs (academic support fellows) has started showing results. Gradual but steady improvement is being observed in the learning levels among 1347 girls covered under the project. The school teachers have appreciate the efforts of these ASFs are also trying to adopt this methodology in their teaching.

I was not interested in studies as I found topics difficult to understand and hence often did not go to school. But when Sanju madam started teaching us I started taking interest as she taught in a very different and easy method. My average score has also increased and I am now regular to school. I want to become a school teacher like Sanju madam

Akki village Tibbi.

I used to sit on the last bench as I was weak in studies. The things started changing when Basanti madam from Prajwala project started teaching us. She teaches in very easy manner by making the topic interesting and always motivates us to do better. I always look forward going to school these days

Santosh, village Jetasar.