Skills to succeed

Noorjahan lives in a village called Mahajan located 30 kms away from Lunkaransar with her parents and 4 siblings. Despite an eagerness to learn, Noorjahan could only pursue education till primary school. As fate has decided, she suffered from a peculiar spine disease which paralyzed her lower body. Two of her siblings are also disabled with the same condition.
In one of the field visits, when Urmul Setu staff visited the programme areas to empower the youth, the project team met with her family. They provided important information about different opportunities and the vocational training (stitching) that would be organized at Lunkaransar. Noorjahan immediately expressed her desire to join the training. She told the project team about the potential of stitching and weaving in the village and that she could set up a small business. However, she was hesitant to join the training since it would require her to stay away from home. The project team motivated her and provided all the necessary support required.
Soon after, Noorjahan joined the training camp and stayed with other girls who helped her in her daily chores. She managed to complete the course and has finally fulfilled the dream of opening a business back at her village. She has started the business and earns INR 4000 per month through stitching and weaving clothes for the customers in the village.