Urmul Setu Sansthan

Urmul stands for Uttari Rajasthan Milk Union Limited and SETU means Bridge. As the name suggests, Urmul Setu Sansthan was formed to act as a bridge between most deprived sections of society and to provide them with development opportunities including access to government services and schemes. 

Operating in dry and arid areas of Bikaner, Churu and Ganganagar districts of Western Rajasthan for more than 29 years, the non-profit organization spearheads grassroot interventions to build an impartial society, devoid of discrimination, illiteracy, malnutrition, disease and corruption. Striving for a holistic sustainable development, the non-political organisation launches efforts to empower the rural mass to ensure their participation in the process of development while making them realize their duties, rights and responsibilities.


No member of the rural family in Bikaner zone falls prey to hunger, malnutrition or is affected by disaster. Everyone has livelihood opportunities, women get equal opportunities and are able to take part in the decision making process. All children enjoy good health, receive quality education and are able to realize their rights, in a safer environment


To lead underprivileged sections of the villages especially women and children towards self-reliance through forming & strengthening their groups, educate them on their rights & entitlements, build their capacity enabling them to upgrade their quality of life 

Work Areas

Safety of Every Child


Water, Hygiene and Sanitation


Emergency Response

Our Impact

Girls Reached

SHG Members

Artisans reached

Camps and training organised on Health, Hygiene and Nutrition.

Farmers reached

People are provided with medical, health and nutritional support

Our Programmes

Girl's empowerment through education

Reviving Pastoralism


Success Stories

Skills to succeed

Journey towards self-reliance

Talent meets Opportunity

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